Summer of Cyber

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Welcome to Cyber Week Day 3!

Alice and Bob are so happy that you have returned for another day of training, and are very impressed with the Bash skills you learned yesterday.


We have been informed that you have found a secret message in their bash tutorial. Alice and Bob belive that this message can be used in the future to help against the L33k3rs!

secert message

Global Dessert Database!

If you remember from yesterday, the L33k3rs have infiltrated the Global Dessert Database. Alice and Bob still need your help in figuring out how the L33k3rs managed to make our beloved database look like this!


Alice and Bob have managed to contact the developers of the Vault to get any information that may help us in solving this mystery.

Web infiltration Mission

Web Hack

The Global Dessert Vault developers have provided us with a sample copy of their website. They suspect that an old, unprotected file upload page is the culprit, but they can’t figure out how the l33k3rs managed to use the page to deface the main website.

Also, the developers of the Global Dessert Vault suspect that the L33k3rs have planted nano bots in the website!

These nano bots are believed to watch over the database, so when ever a new dessert recipe is entered into the database, they can steal it from us and report it back to the L33k3rs! So it is a HIGH PRIORITY to figure out how the nano bots were planted!


Alright, now it is time for us to go to the sample copy of the database that the Dessert Vault developers have given us. Lets use this tool to solve this L33k3r problem! GO TO THE DATABASE HERE.

Here is a link to the page that may be helpful in your mission to find out how the L33k3rs l33ked our page! Good Luck!


Now it is our turn!

We now know how the L33k3rs were able to break into our beloved dessert database. Alice and Bob have taken the necessary actions to fix the bug in the website so no more breaches can happen! However, they still need to shut down those nano bots…

Alice and Bob have also discovered something monumental in the battle against the L33k3rs! The two agents have found a L33k3r database that they believe to hold information on all members of the L33k3rs. They believe it may be possible for us to hack into the database and uncover that information!


The secret message you uncovered yesterday read, The boss is named John Smith

We think that name can be useful in accomplishing this goal.

We will begin our mission in breaching the L33k3r database here HERE

More Information


Great job today, you are really proving yourself worthy of becoming an agent for the Cyber House. Below are a few tools and exercises Alice and Bob have provided that you might find interesting based on today lessons.