Summer of Cyber

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L33k3r Database

Group of Leeks

Help is greatly needed!

We have recently come into the possession of a Database created by the L33k3rs. This database contains information on all of the agents involved in the L33k3er Orginization. Accessing this kind of information would be a huge win for the Cyber House in their battle against the L33k3ers.

Alice and Bob believe they have found a way to enter this database and they are prepared to brief you on their knowledge.

SQL Injection

SQL Injection

Alice and Bob belive that the database can be breached by a means of SQL Injection. Meaning they have found that the L33k3r database uses SQL code, which is a popular language used to access and manage information held in a database management system.

SQL Injection is the idea of convincing the application to run SQL code that was not intended, therefore we can access data the application does not want us to. Basically, hacking the application!


Unsanitized Input

Alice and Bob have provided us with documentation on SQL Injection which should help us infiltrate the L33k3rs database.

A L I C E & B O B

A basic SQL Statement looks like this,

SELECT first_name FROM people WHERE last_name = '$INPUT';

Now let us break it down…

  • SELECT first_name : “first_name” is the variable holding information we will be pulling from the database
  • FROM people : “people” is an object that holds multiple variables
  • ` WHERE last_name = ‘$INPUT’;` : “last_name” is what the user will be inputing.

So based on the above code, the user will enter a last name. If the last name is valid, the SQL statement will then look for, in the people’s object, the first name that correlates with the last name.

This is a basic way to pull information from a database, so most databases that use SQL handle input like the code above. This is good, because we can use it to our advantage.

There are statements in SQL that we can use that trick the computer into thinking differently than the code intends. For example, in

  • WHERE last_name = '$INPUT'; Do you see the tick marks surrounding '$INPUT'

That is to indicate the user’s input, so if we were to input something like

  • Andy Novocin' with a tick mark at the end, we can trick the computer into thinking that is the end of the users input, so we can add more code!!!

Now the more code we are going to add is a line that will tell the computer to print everything that is in the FROM people object of the database, or where the SQL code is mainly pulling information from.

Something as simple as

  • ` OR 1=1–` can do this.

Since 1 is always equal to itself, the computer will read the statement as always true for every last_name inputed. That means it will print all the information! So as long as we input one correct statement, we can make the computer print everything!

John Smith

the boss

Alright, hopefully you have an understanding of how SQL code works, and how we can manipulate it to our advantage if it is not properly sanitized.

The secret message that you uncovered has a name in it, John Smith. We believe that is the boss of the L33k3rs, therefore his information must be held in the database.

Try inputing his name in the database and see what appears, Alice and Bob have already figured out the username and password to enter the database.

  • Username: admin Password: admin

L33k3r Database

You can see that all of his information appears! Awesome!

Now try to figure out a way using SQL injection to get the names and information of every L33k3r member!

Valuable Information!

Alice and Bob are greatful for your findings, this information is a big win for the cyber house! Here is another badge for you help against the L33k3rs