Summer of Cyber

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Networks Day 1

Humans Love To Connect!

Circle of Hands

Our need to connect and feel important to someone is as strong as our need to breathe.

Digital humanity

When we have to communicate with technology, it is a natural extension of that ancient need.

We as people will do all of the technological innovation in the world just to tell mom we love her.

The History of Humanity

As a story of connecting

Human Language

We learned to talk (200000 years ago)

Cave Art

We painted caves (the first instaflex, 65000 years ago).

Story Tellers

We told stories that were memorized and passed on from generation to generation.

Written Stories

We learned to write so we could hand those stories to someone, and deliver them by boat, camel, horse, etc (the first blogs 5400 years ago).


We shared culture, intentionally and not (the first memes).

Portrait History

We painted portraits (long history of selfies).

Sumer laws

We created laws (the first protocols, 4000 years ago).

First Theaters

We wrote plays and performed them (the first YouTube, 2500 years ago).

Great Wall of China

We communicated by smoke signals between tribes (the first cell phones, 2200 years ago).

Roman Letters

We wrote letters (the first e-mails, 2000 years ago).


We invented the printing press (the first internet, 550 years ago).


We invented puppets (the first cartoons).

Sheet Music

We wrote music onto paper (the first mp3s).


We conducted symphonies (the first Spotify).


We invented the telegraph (the first electronic communication device).

Now let's take a look at how people first communicated over a long distance instantaneously

The need and desire for fast human interaction is so strong that there was a "network" developed in just a matter of 1-2 years (even back in 1846)

The Telegraph system in 1846

Quickly the cables were intercontinental (1901)

Telegraph cables in 1901

The Telephone networks grew in a similar fashion (1922)

Bell Telephone Network

By the modern era there are 100s of thousands of MILES of intercontinental wires

Week-long Goal: We’re going to build the internet

It all starts with the telegraph and sending any sort of a signal across the wire. By the end of the week we should see all of the parts of the internet and how it emerges from this first instinct to communicate at a distance.

ACTIVITY 1: Now we will try to talk to each other using morse(-like) code! Yay so fun!!

Our version of Morse code:

Task 1: Encode some words into “heart morse code”

Task 2: Receive some words from the chat and decode them

Task 3: Let’s coordinate across the two tracks of camp (Alphabet game)

First the gold track will think of a food that starts with the letter “A” and send it to the blue track using this link, they will reply with a food that starts with the letter B. If we make it to the letter “F” we can move on:

Task 4: Now, what “protocols” emerged (Heart Morse V1)

How did we figure out how to make our communication more effective between the tracks? How about your team roles?

Task 5: Now to make it tougher, now we’re going to communicate using Minecraft

There is a beacon in minecraft. We’re going to try to use it to send our Red, Blue, and Yellow beacon. Live stream on YouTube

Task 6: Now what protocols emerged when we tried this in Minecraft

Task 7: Play “CONCEPT” inside the tracks



Once we’re good at that game inside the two tracks then we can play across the two tracks using the beacon.

Task 8: Play “CONCEPT” across the tracks using Beacons

In this version we aren’t networked using the real internet, but each move has an “encoding” using the thread number (3 hearts), sequence number (3 hearts), and picture ID (5 hearts). This is our first taste of a “wrapper” of the real data. We have the row and column as separate data from the picture itself, you’ll see:

OK for day 2 we’ll use this link