Summer of Cyber

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Here’s a little list of resources that the cyberscholars have found helpful while learning how to code. We still use these websites to this day!

General Help

Stack Overflow is extremely helpful for finding code examples. Practically every coding question that you could have has been answered on Stack Overflow, so definitely check it out if you ever get stuck.

Dr. Novocin’s notes from his web development course at the University of Delaware cover everything that we’re going over in this camp and more. They’re also written so you can go over them at your own pace, so if you want to learn more about web dev definitely look through them!

Codepen is a wonderful website where users can show off cool little things that they’ve designed. If you need inspiration, or just want to see some cool HTML/CSS/JavaScript animations, Codepen is the place to go.


W3 Schools has a code examples and descriptions for tons of concepts in HTML ,CSS, and JavaScript. Sometimes it can be a bit technical, but it still comes in handy all the time. Check out all of the topics it offers in the sidebar.

The Mozilla Documentation for HTML can get fairly technical, but if you want the exact definition of something in HTML, it can be quite useful.

CSS Help

CSS Tricks has beautiful demos for numerous styling questions. I come back to it whenever I need to center something.

Grid Garden is a fantastic game that teaches players about grids in CSS (they’ll make spacing so much easier!). We would highly recommend playing it.

CSS Diner is another very fun game that we would recommend checking out. This game teaches players about selectors, which are quite handy when writing CSS rules.